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ByTheR Custom Half Ink Painting Cropped Wide Pants White

Basic Information
Product Name ByTheR Custom Half Ink Painting Cropped Wide Pants White
Price €45.00
Made in Korea
Made by ByTheR
Product Code P000CSGQ
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개인결제창을 통한 결제 시 네이버 마일리지 적립 및 사용이 가능합니다.

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ByTheR Custom Half Ink Painting Cropped Wide Pants White 수량증가 수량감소 45 (  0)
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    One size
    Waist (허리,腰围)
    66 - 89 cm (26 - 35 inch)
    Thigh (허벅지,大腿)
    39 cm (15.3 inch)
    Leg opening (밑단,裤口)
    33 cm (13 inch)
    Total length (총기장,裤长)
    68 cm (26.7 inch)
    Inseam (안쪽기장,内测裤长)
    23 cm (9 inch)
    Rise (밑위,裤腰到裤裆)
    49 cm (19.3 inch)
    Material (소재,材料)
    Polyester 100%
    Elasticity (신축성,伸缩性)
    Laundry (세탁방법,洗涤)
    Hand Wash / Dry Cleaning
    Weight (무게,重量)
    430 g ( 0.94 lb )
    ※ 건조기 사용 시 강한 열에 의해 원단 및 나염의 훼손, 제품 수축 등 악영향을 미치기 때문에 사용을 권장하지 않습니다.
    A/S 책임자와 전화번호 : (주)바이더알 1599-9149
    품질보증기준 : 전자상거래법 준수
    제조국 : 대한민국, 제조사 : 바이더알 제휴업체

    ByTheR Kustom LAB 은
    더 개성 있는 스타일을 원하시는 마니아분들을 위해
    바이더알 만의 커스텀 노하우를 이용하여
    Painting, Bleaching, Dyeing, Reform 등의 방법으로
    제품을 재탄생시키는 곳입니다.

    이 제품은 Painting 기법을 이용하여
    원단에 거친 붓터치 등을 가미한 커스텀 제품입니다.

    R Kustom LAB 제품들은
    바이더알의 디자이너가 심혈을 기울여
    직접 수작업으로 커스텀을 하는 제품으로
    최대한 재고를 보유하고 있지만
    주문 후 제작이 필요한 경우
    약 3~7일의 배송 지연이 발생할 수 있는 점 참고 바랍니다.

    ByTheR Kustom LAB is for enthusiasts who want a more personalized style.
    It is a place where products are reborn by methods such as Painting, Bleaching, Dyeing, Reform, etc. using ByTheR's own custom designs.
    R Kustom LAB products are made by the designer of ByTheR and do their own custom work.
    We have stock as much as possible, but please note that there may be a delivery delay of about 3 to 7 days if production is required after ordering.

    Hand Painting은
    의류용 염료를 이용해
    오랜 기간 동안 쌓아온 커스텀 노하우로
    다양한 페인팅 커스텀을 가미하는
    바이더알의 대표 테마 중 하나입니다.

    어지럽고 정리되지 않은 인간의 내면을 숨기고
    여백의 미라는 깨끗함과 완벽으로 치장해
    진정한 자신의 모습 대신 자유를 억누른
    깨끗함을 쫓으며 외롭게 살아가는 요즘.
    속박된 깨끗함에 자신을 속여
    진실된 편안함을 찾지 못한 채 살아가는
    현대인들의 거짓된 통념을 깨어버리기 위해 준비되었습니다.

    "무(無)" 가 주는 깨끗함에 이끌려
    현대인들은 깨끗한 자신을 꾸며냈지만
    언젠간 마주하게 될 더럽혀짐과
    숨겨진 본질이 드러나는 것에 대한 위기감
    이것에 맞서고 받아들일 방법으로
    프로젝트알은 더럽혀진 모습에서 오는 편안함을 선택하였습니다.

    이미 닳아있고 때묻은 모습으로
    여백이 주는 모습에 얽매이지 않아
    어떤 곳이든 폭넓게 바라보며 선택할 수 있는
    진정한 편안함을 선택하였고
    비로소 이것이 '진정한 나'라고 생각합니다.

    핸드페인팅 [더럽혀진 편안함]에 담겨있는 의미가 전달 되었으면 합니다.

    We have been hand-painting our products over a long period of time using paints.
    It's ByTheR's season theme with a variety of paintings.
    Dressed up with cleanliness and perfection.
    These days, people live alone, chasing after the cleanliness of the illusion instead of their true selves.
    The modern people who live in obscurity, hiding their true selves.Ready to break the false conventional wisdom.
    Boldly strokes or spray paints to throw away the cleanliness of the pretense that has been in place. You will meet the true you.
    You're already worn out and you're not bound by the frame of pretense.
    True freedom to look however you want and choose from your heart.
    ByTheR supports the free spirit.

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      We send all our product by expected shipping with full tracking(3~9 business days).
      Shipping Methods : EMS, DHL
      Shipping Cost : Purchase over €150 EUR : Free Shipping, Purchase below €150 EUR : €12 EUR.
      * Usually 1~2 business days for handling and preparing.
      * You can check your shipping status in the 'ORDER' menu.
      * Though Most of the packages will not be charged for customs border taxes. However, custom tax is the buyer's responsibility.
      * If the delivery is returned because of the customer's absence, he should pay for the return fee.
      * Due to COVID-19 delivery may be delayed depending on the local situation of the countries.

    Returns & Exchanges

    If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can simply return the item and get a refund.
    The items need to be returned within 14 days since you receive the parcel and should be in original condition.
    Every member who wants to return items should return it by EMS or any air shipping method that provides tracking service (If your return package get lost, we would not responsible for it).
    When you are returning the package, Please leave a memo for us with the reason for exchanges/refunds and your ID or the order number. Please mark shipments as a GIFT and Low value (less than $50) for low taxes.
    We will issue a refund excluding the shipping fee. But if the mistake is ours, we will be glad to give a full refund. All delivery fees related to refunds/exchanges should be paid by the buyer.
    If you buy more than €150 EUR worth of products and receive them through free shipping but then decide to get refund, you will receive your refund minus the cost of the initial shipping fee.

    NAME: ByTheR
    Address: 4F, 383, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
    Phone : +82-10-4368-7774,  Postcode : 03117

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